What makes a great paint job & why

What makes a great paint job & why

A great paint job is something that is admired by many, everyone will complement it, praise it & tell others.…

A great paint job is something that is admired by many, everyone will complement it, praise it & tell others. The question is, what actually goes into a great paint job?

A key aspect to achieving an amazing paint job is the preparation of the surface, whether it’s a uPVC window, Kitchen, furniture or metal. Preparation is key & it takes a huge amount of time to get it right. For a truly jaw dropping finish that you and all you friends will go “Wow” that’s amazing takes expert skill.

Time frame example – ONE side of a pippy oak kitchen cabinet door will take exactly 13 minutes to prepare for priming. Cleaning, Sanding, Caulking, Filling, Sanding & Cleaning. That’s 13 minutes just to get it to that stage!

After the door has been primed with a high grade quality primer & allowed to dry it’s inspected, filled again, sanded again & primed…Again! The base for the paint application has to be 100% spot on. Cutting corners and time will have a great impact on the finish.

At SprayMasters UK we have a rigorous quality control procedure & nothing will pass through our spray booth unless it’s been passed at each stage! Quality is the target, the customer should be like “wow” not errhhh is that it!

You know when you have something of high quality in your hands, you can feel it, all our customers feel the doors and say “yeah that’s good” NOT ONE customers since 2013 has said that feels poor quality! We only ever use high quality premium products that are designed for longevity.

We recently had a customer come into the workshop that told us we did their friends kitchen 8 Years ago & they wanted theirs doing! Wow, 8 years old and it’s still looking great, now that’s quality! (January 2022)

Our guarantee on Kitchens is only 5 years but they will easy do 10 years! Quality Products & Excellent sprayers = A sound investment. A great paint Job that lasts a long time. You could say “Legendary Paint Jobs”

SprayMasters UK have been transforming homeowners kitchens in and around Derby, Nottingham & Chesterfield since 2013 that’s a hell of lot of kitchens & thousands upon thousands of pounds saved. Not only money saved but also landfills reduced! Not only are you saving money but you are also helping to save the planet by reducing landfill waste.

Products – Cheap materials only ever come back to bite you in the ass! Cheap products are not good for a long lasting quality paint job. If someone offers you a real cheap price to have your kitchen sprayed then it wont last.

Sometimes customers say we are a 3rd more than others then we explain what “The others” are using & then they book with us. We have videos of customers kitchens that had a quote from us but decided to go with the cheap quote only for it to go horribly wrong.

Instagram! Social media is great for showcasing big stinky piles of dung! The power of photoshopping on makeovers is amongst us, whether it’s a kitchen or a uPVC spray job they edit & photoshop the finish to “Peacock” it

The “Look at how good we are but not really we are just skint” Photo’s – These guys have very little skill so they need these various apps on their phones to edit the pics to make them look great! The “Peacock Effect”

We invite all our customers to visit our workshop so they can see first hand, they can feel first hand! We don’t hide behind a social platform or use editing apps! We are what we say we are “SprayMasters of the UK”

A Great Paint Job “Legendary Paint Job”

SprayMasters UK is a thriving business that puts you the customer first! It’s not all about the money with us it’s about the transformations & the satisfaction we get out of it. All our customers are blown away with our work.

In a Nutshell, For a great paint job you need someone who’s going to invest time, effort & skill into it, and that someone is SprayMasters UK!

Come and see us and see for your self, we are located in Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7RG. Your welcome to come down anytime.

Get a quote from the best in the business, SprayMasters UK – Call us on 01773 848247 or you can pop in and see us in person at Alfreton, DE55 7RG.


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